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I am Lisa McDonald...

Lisa is an award-winning Irish Animation Director and Visual Designer.


Creative and hard-working, she graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Honours Award in Animation from the Institute of Art, Design & Technology. 


As a versatile creative with extensive experience in film, animation and live events, Lisa has established a track record of delivering high-quality results to clients while ensuring timely project completion.

She constantly works to develop her skills in storytelling, design, and production. Facilitating portfolio courses since September 2022, to help aspiring animators to prepare for their academic and professional journeys.

In addition, Lisa has been involved in the visual design and event management of Electric Picnic, Ireland's largest music and arts festival, for the past four years. Her work in film has been recognised by events such as the RTS Student Film Awards, Animation Dingle, among many others. Winning Best Animation, Spotlight Artist & Emerging Filmmaker in 2022.

"I am passionate about creating engaging and diverse content that inspires and entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds. I am always eager to learn new techniques, collaborate with other artists, and explore new opportunities in the film industry."

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